About Red Carpet Canyon Tours

Red Carpet Canyon Tours showcases the scenic American Southwest, which contains a vast collection of the world’s natural wonders. This creation of scenery has an infinite beauty that is hard to imagine, much less comprehend. At every turn there is a variety of color, scenic views, canyons, mountains, rivers, rocks, cliffs, spirals and monuments that tempt the traveler to indulge this circle of adventure in their own unique manner. Unspoiled nature abounds, rich in wildlife, desert flowers and alpine blossoms. Some of the most popular destinations are Bryce Canyon National Park, Lake Powell, North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Red Carpet Canyon Tours treats you like royalty as we visit each of these majestic, magical works of nature from the carved red cliffs to the monolithic sentries suspended in time quietly beckoning from their background of blue sky and whimsical, white clouds.

Red Carpet Canyon Tours
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